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Welcome to WordPress Theme Shock. This website is a resource site for any professional and amateur fan of WordPress. Even if you’re just a user of a WordPress blog or a website that uses this content management platform, you will find resources on this website that would take your project to the next level. Whether you are coming up with something unique and personalized for your professional or you are a hobbyist coming up with your own websites, you will find a lot of resources here that you can’t find anywhere else.

As you probably already know, WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems on the planet. It’s absolutely free; it’s open source and it has a distributed base of millions upon millions of users. What else could you ask for? Not only is it free but it actually delivers money to your bank account if you know how to use it right. That’s right. Using a WordPress installation, you can put up a wide variety of websites that can enable you to earn money online. If you’re a blogger, you can use WordPress’ default settings.

On the other hand, if you are looking to sell any kind of product or service online, WordPress is flexible and versatile enough to offer the features you have in mind for your online store. Regardless of how many products you’re selling and regardless of the kind of service you’re offering, WordPress is sure to keep up. If you are looking to put up an online community much like a message board or a forum, WordPress has you covered. In fact, I can’t, for the life of me, think of any particular feature or functionality that WordPress cannot provide.

WordPress for Design Firms

Whether you’re an individual WordPress user, a site owner or a professional theme designer, this is the website for you. WordPress Theme Shock has a wide variety of themes and theme-related resources that would enable you to give your unique audiences the look and feel that they are looking for.

I hope the word “free” is clear enough. We don’t ask for any money on this website. You can take that to the bank. That is guaranteed. All the materials that you find here are absolutely free of charge. You won’t pay a red cent. There are just so many things you can find here. We offer free resources that would enable you to customize the theme of your WordPress installation. If you are a designer and you have run out of ideas or you’re looking for shortcuts, this is the place to be. We have all sorts of CSS resources that would enable you to download, unzip, and copy and paste.

Let’s get one thing clear. While WordPress has done a great job in customizing the default look of their installation, it still leaves much to the imagination. It really does. There’s still a lot of improvement to be made. That’s why there are tons of resources on this website that would enable you to customize the default look of your WordPress installation so you can make the powerful impression you desire in the minds of people visiting your website.

 WordPress Features

At the very least, our materials save you a lot of time, effort and imagination. While you still have to customize the CSS templates we have available for you, you can use them as easy springboards to design inspiration. They really do shock or optimize the overall design of your WordPress layout. You might think that you run a plain-vanilla website and it’s too boring. Well, no worries. We have you covered. Our CSS collection has all sorts of interesting designs that you can customize and tweak to make your personal design vision come true. We also have a nice library of WordPress theme layouts. Whether you’re looking for an actual fully developed them or you’re looking for bits and pieces of themes for development, we have these resources available for you.

WordPress Drawbacks

The best part is that you don’t feel compelled to use them for certain types of sites. They come in a wide variety of designs. You can just fill them in to customize them. They also have adequate documentation. That’s right. Unlike other websites that provide WordPress materials, the stuff that we feature here are very easy to use right out of the box. Seriously. Stop rubbing your eyes. You can believe this. You are not dreaming. Unlike other websites that basically just give you the CSS code and leaves you on your own, the materials we present here have documentation notes. You know where they go. You know what kind of problems to expect. You also have enough clues as to properly customize these CSS and other materials.

WordPress Plugins

This is what puts wordpressthemeshock.com head and shoulders above the competition. In fact, nobody cut can even come close. If you’re looking for materials that are easy to use and figure out as well as easy to customize and redesign, you have come to the right place. Other websites pretty much just leave you own your own. They assume that you are this master rocket scientist and brain surgeon that can put together very puzzling and even mysteriously written code to turn into works of art. Well, that may be too much to expect. Instead, we spoon feed you; we hold you by the hand and we give all the information that you need to do the job you have set up for yourself. The best part to all of this? It’s all 100% absolutely free.

 WordPress for E-Com Websites

The bottom line to this website is that we give you the resources that you need to step your game up. We really do. Whether you are an amateur designer that is simply trying your hand at customizing the word press installation that you currently have or you are a tried-and-proven, battle-tested professional designer with many clients, we have solutions for you.

If you are an absolute beginner, you can use our generic layouts and look at the notes so you can conduct some experiments. These would be safe experiments because you have all the notes that you need to ensure that you properly back up your materials and if you commit any mistakes, they won’t be all that serious. On the other hand, if you are a professional design, our collection is so robust, so deep and so involved that you can find all the inspiration you need as well as actual resource materials to come up with the latest and greatest design in the particular niche or industry you specialize in.

If you fall somewhere in between these two extremes, you have come to the right place because we are a thriving community of people just like you. We have members who have all sorts of questions. We have also members who have a lot of answers. Feel free to mingle and rub digital shoulders. If you have any kind of question or if you have any kind of idea.

WP Theme Shock Blog

Why use WordPress themes?

Did you know that you can use a customized theme for your WordPress website? It is actually true since there are a bunch of different free-to-use stock themes for your WordPress websites. And the availability of those stock themes is just one of the reasons why you have got to set up a website using WordPress as your platform.

You will want to use a WordPress theme for a variety of different reasons. And if you are still in doubt whether or not such a theme would work well for your site, then you should read through this whole post. You can find out just what makes a WordPress really useful for your site. And you can decide for yourself if a WordPress stock theme is the one for you to use.

Free WordPress stock themes

The best part about using these stock WordPress themes is that you will be able to use them for free! If you are trying to create a website and you are operating on a budget, then you will need to ensure that the design for your website must be low-cost. And that is where a WordPress stock theme can help you in. It is free to use, so there is no extra cost of getting a personalized site design.

Easy to use WordPress themes

WordPress themes are incredibly easy to use and install. You just have to select the theme that you want to use, copy the theme code, and then paste that code into your WordPress site. Your site’s whole new design should then instantly give you a great looking site that functions well and should look pleasing to any visitors that do happen to find your website.

Well-designed WordPress themes

Stock WordPress themes are actually very well-designed. Even if you download the free stock themes, they should still look very high-quality for a site design. The site’s background and menu design will look nice, and you will also not have to worry about the rest of the quality of your site as well.

Lots of variety in theme designs

There are dozens upon dozens of different WordPress stock themes that you can find. This huge variety in the number of WordPress themes that you can choose will mean that you can certainly find something that will look great specifically for your website. And that will ensure that you will eventually find something that you will love when it comes to your site’s design and theme.

So as you can see, a WordPress design theme is practically necessary if you want to set up a website. You will find that you will be in a much better position when it comes to creating a whole new website, with its own unique look if you just choose the right kind of website theme. And since there are a ton of stock WordPress themes for you to choose from, this should not be too difficult at all. You will certainly be able to find a WordPress theme that looks great and also functions well as a well-designed website theme.

5 advantages of WordPress themes

A stock WordPress theme has got a lot of distinct advantages over other kinds of website themes. A stock theme even is more advantageous than premium WordPress themes too! And if you are wondering what sorts of advantages are, then you definitely need to check out this post. You will understand more of the reasons for what makes a WordPress theme unique and also more preferable to other themes. And in the end, it may even be better if you choose a stock WordPress theme because of the following advantages that it has got.

  1. Free

You will not have to pay a single additional penny if you want to use a stock WordPress theme. Most of these kinds of stock WordPress themes are completely free for you to try out. So you would not have to end up spending a lot of money just to use a WordPress theme that functions and looks great. Stock themes are free to use so there is no barrier to using them at all. This can be really good for people who are just setting up their very first WordPress site.

  1. Fast

Another great thing about stock WordPress themes is in addition to being free, they are also responsive and load pretty fast as well. Most of the stock themes that you can find for WordPress are optimized for speed. This will make them responsive and load fast for the average site user as well.

  1. Appealing

When you are creating a website with a stock WordPress theme, you can rest assured that you will find one that has got an appealing look. The designs of these stock themes are actually meant to be very pleasing. So it would be easy to find something that you and your site’s users would like in terms of design.

  1. Simple

Simplicity is beauty, after all, even when it comes to website design. And that is another thing that a stock WordPress theme has got going for it. These are very simple to use, and you would not even need to have any further knowledge about site design or even coding if you want to use these stock themes.

  1. Varied

There are a lot of stock themes for WordPress, and that variety is another advantage that it has got. With so many to choose from, this ensures that WordPress site owners will find a stock theme that will work for their needs in a site’s design.

These are all of the advantages and benefits that you can gain if you choose to use WordPress as the main platform for creating your website. In the end, if you do choose WordPress to create your site and make a theme out of it, then you are definitely making the right overall decision for your site. You will see a lot of more growth for your website, and you will also be prouder of the way it looks if you manage to find a great-looking and appealing stock WordPress theme. So just browse around till you find something that you like the look of, and then use that particular WordPress theme to build your website.

7 essential qualities to look for in a WordPress theme

Want to know what sorts of qualities you should look for in a WordPress theme? With the huge variety in the number of stock WordPress themes that are available, it can be more than a bit hard to finally end up choosing a theme that you can use for your site. So if you need a bit of assistance with choosing a WordPress theme then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the qualities and characteristics that you will need to look for if you want to use a stock WordPress theme for your site.


The main quality that you most definitely should search for in a WordPress theme is if it is affordable or not. Most WordPress themes, especially premium ones, charge you some money if you want to use them. But if you are on a tight budget when creating your site, then that should be no problem at all. Most stock themes for WordPress are free to use.

Free from bugs

It is important that you also try and find a stock WordPress theme that is free from bugs and does not have any other additional issue as well. This is because when you do finally end up using the stock WordPress theme for your website, it should be no trouble at all to use. And it should also not cause any problems or issues for your site’s users as well.

Fast and responsive

It is also crucial that you end up choosing a stock WordPress theme that is fast and responsive. This is because the speed at which your site loads is dependent on the kind of theme that it has got. And it is always better if your site loads faster because then it would be easier to browse for your end users.

Appealing look

Naturally, you will want to create a WordPress site that actually looks good. And so you must try and pick a WordPress stock theme that actually has got an appealing look and design.

Intuitive navigation

The layout that the stock WordPress theme should have should be easy to navigate. A WordPress theme that has got an intuitive layout is always better because it is much more understandable for your end user.

Easy to try out

Try to pick a stock WordPress theme that has got the quality of being easy to use. Specifically, it should be rather easy to try out if you want to create a site design with it.

Updated and good support

It is also a smart idea to choose a WordPress theme that is constantly updated and has got good support from its developer. This is to ensure that the WordPress theme will continue to still function properly all the time.

These are some of the essential qualities that you most definitely should search for when you are trying to pick out the best stock WordPress theme for your site. If you actually want to finally end up choosing a WordPress site theme that works well and loads fast, then you definitely have got to be more careful about which one you end up using. And finding a WordPress theme with these qualities will help you create a site that actually looks good and gets a lot of visitors as well!

How to choose the right kind of WordPress theme?

Need a bit of help choosing the right stock WordPress theme? If so, then you have come to the right place. It is not always as easy or as straightforward as you may think when it comes to picking out a new WordPress theme. This is because there are virtually hundreds of different options that WordPress website owners have got to choose from. And on top of that, there are also slight variations in each theme that make them harder to pick from as well. And those are just a few of the reasons why you need to follow the steps in this guide if you are to choose a WordPress website theme that fits.

  1. Choose one that fits your site topic

Take a look at your site topic, you will want to choose a WordPress theme that actually meshes or mixes well with the topic of your website. For example, if your website is all about athletic news, then it could be a good idea to choose a sporty looking theme. And another example is if your website is about fitness and health, then choosing a predominantly green-coloured WordPress theme could also be the way to go.

  1. Do research on reader or market preferences

If you want to have a WordPress site design that actually appeals to your target market, then you will also need to do a bit of research on what your target market actually wants in terms of site design. You will need to ensure that whatever WordPress theme that you do end up choosing is actually something that they like the look of.

  1. Experiment with different site themes

Trying out and using a lot more different WordPress stock themes is something that you should always do. Experimenting with different website themes will ensure that the site that you are designing actually has got a varied look that is based on different previous versions.

  1. Test out WordPress stock themes

When you have narrowed down your choices of WordPress theme into a few choices, you will want to test out how those different WordPress site themes actually perform. Specifically, you will want to check if when using those WordPress themes, they should not have any bugs and they should also load fast as well.

  1. Choose also based on what you like

Finally, you must not ignore your own preferences when it comes to picking out a WordPress theme. Try to think about what you like about how a site should look. You could even base your choice of a WordPress site theme based on the look of another website that you enjoy.

These are just a few steps that you can follow if you need some way to choose the right kind of WordPress theme for your website. Remember, you will need to be quite selective about which sort of WordPress theme you do end up using. After all, the future success of your website could be riding on what sort of WordPress theme you eventually use. So you definitely need to be very picky about what sort of theme you end up using. And this guide can help all WordPress site owners choose the theme that works best for them.




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