Our mission and vision is actually quite simple. We are very excited about WordPress. In fact, we seriously believe that reaches WordPress is the best things since sliced bread at least as far as online design is concerned. When it comes to content management systems, we can’t think of any other package, whether paid or free, open source or closed source, that could even come close.

While I’m sure there is a lot of hype surrounding other platforms, most of those platforms are too complicated, too small and, ultimately, not as robustly designed as WordPress.

If you’re looking for a tried-and-proven, battle-tested solution to your online design and platform solution needs, look no further. WordPress is the answer to all your questions. If you’re still on the fence as to how powerful, versatile and flexible this platform could be, please understand that WordPress powers a wide variety of websites on the Internet.

In fact, when you look at a typical website with all sorts of fancy functions, don’t be surprised to find out that its actual core component is none other than WordPress. Believe us we’ve had so many people come back to us and tell us that they couldn’t believe that this website that seemed so fancy and has all sorts of bells and whistles is actually not hard-coated.

That’s right. It wasn’t custom-designed. It’s not like the programmer behind the website sat down, put together some specs, rolled up his sleeves and came up with something completely different. It’s not like somebody came up with something entirely out of the blue.

In fact, if you take off the theme and the outer shell of such seemingly revolutionary and earth-shattering websites, they actually look really basic because they use basic WordPress functionalities.

That’s how shocking and surprising WordPress is, and this is why we named this website WordPress Theme Shock. It really is quite shocking to figure out how powerful, versatile and inflexible this platform is. It never ceases to amaze us nor does it stop surprising us.

Whether you’re putting up a solo blog or a really complicated e-commerce solution or you’re offering a service that uses artificial intelligence, believe us, WordPress is up to the job. It has enough core components that would enable you to save a tremendous amount of time.

Now, you probably would still have to code the core set of functionalities you have for your website. However, can thank WordPress for saving you potentially hundreds of hours in having to deal with basic functionalities. If anything, WordPress gives you a running start so you can focus on what truly is important.

If you run any kind of online business, you understand that what is truly important in your daily operations is innovation. WordPress, by taking care of the basics, gives you the time and space you need to focus your brain power on taking your business to the next level.

Our mission is to get people all over the world excited about WordPress. Regardless of the company you work for, regardless of the platforms you normally work with and your specific experiences, we are confident that WordPress has the flexibility and versatility that you need to take your enterprise to the next level.

We Share Free WordPress Resources

If you are a designer looking for inspiration or if you have come up with all sorts of templates but nothing seems to work, this is the place for you. We have a huge and robust collection of WordPress CSS templates that would save you a tremendous amount of time. Instead of creating stuff out of scratch or starting from square one, you can use the templates we have available and customize and tweak them to fit your needs.

The best part to all of this is all the resources we provide are very easy to use. Now, we’re not just saying that. We’re not just promising the ease of use. They really are easy to use because if you can read, there are notes in the documentation section of this code. You just need to follow the notes and you would know where to put the code, how to customize it and how to plug it into the WordPress platform. Nice and simple. Easy as 1-2-3.

Our Mission

Our mission is to let the world know how powerful WordPress is because we know that there are a lot of companies out there charging an arm and a leg for theme customization. Why spend that money when you can get better themes for absolutely free if you simply decided to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself?

We are giving you all the resources you need to do an amazing job. We’re not talking about just doing a good job or doing a decent job. We’re talking about an amazing job.

Accordingly, this website aims to be the global clearing house of all WordPress solutions. If it has anything to do with design or anything to do with look and feel issues, this is the place to be.

Welcome to wordpressthemeshock.com, your new home as far as WordPress theme customizations are concerned.