Corporate photographers should definitely invest in their own professional blogs

Corporate photographers should definitely invest in their own professional blogs


If you are a corporate photographer, please understand that the life of corporate photographers do not revolve around their employers. Now, it may seem like it at some level or another. It may be the first impression most people get, but highly talented and professional corporate photographers look beyond their corporate patronage. They truly invest in their full humanity and creative juices.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “don’t most photographers who work for corporations invest in themselves? After all, they spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on fancy photography equipment. Such gear is not exactly cheap.”

Well, it’s one thing to focus on price, it’s another to focus on value. You have to remember that when you invest in yourself, you’re not just investing money. Money is actually the tip of the iceberg. It’s the stuff that everybody sees, but interestingly enough, it’s the lowest value input.

That’s right, all the gear in the world, all the fancy training, all the fancy diplomas, all the technical certification programs are not going to move the needle as far as your soul is concerned. The most crucial and most valuable training you can get involves your creative soul. This means expressing yourself.

This is why you have to put up a professional photography blog. When you write a journal and you keep a professional diary, you express your soul. You connect the dots. You explore new artistic frontiers deep within you.

A lot of your fears, hopes, dreams, they all come from the same place. There’s this massive subconscious reservoir. It’s like a little river flowing through your life. And until and unless you are able to divine it, discern it, and define it, it won’t make sense.

Instead of it working for you by inspiring you and getting you out of a creative hole, it will work against you. It will sap you dry. It’s your choice.

By investing in yourself in the right way, you would find out that becoming a more creative person through and through doesn’t have to involve a tremendous amount of money. You don’t have to spend a mountain of green bills just to get to where you need to be.

Make no mistake about it, photography is not a technical art. Anybody can compose, anybody can point a camera, and definitely anybody with fingers can press a button. It goes beyond that. It involves developing the ability to see with your soul. And you will only be able to do that when you keep a journal and you really get in touch with your feelings, your subconscious nature, and you are able to connect the dots.

This goes beyond fear. This goes beyond comfort zones. This means that you really have to actively and consciously push back against all the limits in your life.

Sadly, a lot of these limits are internal. We assume them. We pick them along the way. We believe them. And if we want to make any sort of progress, we have to stop believing.

This of course takes work. This takes courage. This is not something that happens automatically. Do yourself a big favor, write a blog and really take things to a whole other level.