Guide to Buying Replacement Vauxhall Car Parts

Guide to Buying Replacement Vauxhall Car Parts

There is every chance that your Vauxhall has chosen to kick up a fuss with a single part as the fault. There is the possibility that you’ll feel somewhat intimidated if it’s your first time of shopping for a new car part. It is normal you feel this way, and it is something that cannot be avoided. Fortunately, this article is more like a guide that will be of assistance when replacing your Vauxhall car parts.

First off, which parts can I buy?

One of the fascinating things about the aftermarket is that you can find almost every car part available for second hand. You will find most car parts on our online parts store, ranging from the gar sticks to the entire engine. If you are not certain about if we have the car part that you are in need of, you can reach out to us, but it is best if you assume that you will get a replacement.

Should I go second-hand, or would a new one be better?

Just like everything in life, there are minuses and pluses to both new car parts and the second-hand car parts. Second-hand vehicles are without a doubt very cheap, so are second-hand Vauxhall parts. You are capable of tracking the parts of specific Vauxhall cars, from new to old models. If you are the owner of an old model, there is every chance the manufacturers won’t have any parts available due to how rare the car model is.

You tend to pay more with new parts, but there is a chance that you’ll get extra security.  Some drivers see it that it is worth the extra cost.

How do I Get the right Vauxhall car part?

There are different things you need to look out for when identifying the right part for your car:

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) – The Vehicle identification number is the number that relates specifically to your car. It is what manufacturers use for locating the parts of the car.
  • Part codes – In most cases, you will find that the parts have their code. The only thing is that you’ll have to dig deep to locate this code. This is the best method of getting the right part for your car because two models cannot share a part with the same part number.

Where can one locate the right parts?

Below you will find other options to consider:

Your local scrap yards.

If there is a local scrap yard in your locality, it’s not a bad idea to check out what’s available. Their catalogue is not as comprehensive as what you will find in some places, but there is every chance you will get lucky.


This is the most expensive means to get car parts, but they can assist you in sourcing any model car part, as long as you are comfortable with the price.


I will advise that you go online and look out for one or more forums that deal with Vauxhall cars. You will find on most forums the buy and sell section. There is every chance that you will find what you are looking for in any reputable forum.


Over the years people have complained about buying items on eBay, but we can guarantee the best of service. It is recommended that before you buy items from anyone, you do a little background check to be sure that they are reliable and trustworthy.