Guide to the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl

Guide to the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you plan to transfer that artwork that has been lying around on your PC to a material/fabric or perhaps if you want to carry out a printing assignment on fabrics, it is important you are aware of the fact that you need to invest your resources in the best heat transfer vinyl. There is no science involved in finding a decent heat transfer vinyl, all that is required is your time.

Fortunately, we have invested time into compiling a very comprehensive guide to assist you to buy the best heat transfer vinyl sets when you go shopping. It’ll help you in making the best decision.

What Is a Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet?

If perchance you don’t have any knowledge of heat transfer vinyl sheets, this article will help you with the basic knowledge.

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) refers to a type of vinyl that assists in transferring graphics to different materials/fabrics successfully.

The HTV can be accessed in either sheet or roll form. For easy placing, weeding and cutting on your fabrics/materials for heat application, it features an adhesive backing.

The vinyl is manufactured in single colours, notwithstanding you can still find specialty options like 3D puff, flocked, glitter etc.

Some of the Things you need to Know Before Purchasing Heat Transfer Vinyl include:

  1. Quality

It is important you know that the HTV bundles made available in the market have varying qualities. It is advised that you place your focus on the vinyl types with high quality, just so that you don’t end up getting frustrated with your final results. This is because it will result in loss of money invested for the project, and possibly your clients will go elsewhere.

High-quality materials do not easily crack, fade or peel off regardless of the pressure they experience over time. There are very durable compared to the cheap options.

Ensure you consult user reviews before you buy anything. If you observe users complementing a product, that’s a good sign. On the other hand, if you find users complaining about a product for bubbling, peeling off or melting, it’s best you avoid investing any of your money in such a product.

Top quality vinyl is thin, so you can easily cut it with a machine or by hand and making it easier to be transferred.

  1. Colour diversity also matters

If vinyl printing becomes part of your life, so many ideas will come to you to the point you’ll be overwhelmed.

It is advised that when you go shopping for vinyl packs, you look out for packs that provide you with various colours. Also, ensure that the colours of the choice set are practical to meet with your graphical needs and ensure that they are trendy.

  1. Ease of transfer

The heat transfer is supposed to be painless and quick. Nonetheless, when you invest your resources in acquiring the wrong type of vinyl, there is no doubt that the heat transfer process will be a very difficult one and the process will be complicated.

To avoid such, it is recommended that you look out for vinyl that can easily be transferred to fabrics and materials. Some of the features of the vinyl that you’ll find attached to your materials and fabrics include thin design, lightweight design, and sensitivity to low heat and pressure.

Even though you are new in the line of business or perhaps if you are a professional, it is important you get the best vinyl available.