How Competitive are WordPress-Only Design Firms?

WordPress-only design firms are recent creations. Usually, when somebody puts up a design firm, it involves custom coding. It involves somebody going through all the hassles and headaches of creating code from scratch.

Well, given how labor-intensive the systems used by older design firms were, it is no surprise that there seems to be a massive sea change in the online design industry. More and more firms are adopting a WordPress-only approach. That’s right. They are no longer touching original code. They just code directly on WordPress.

It’s obvious that the main advantage of such a strategic decision is to save a tremendous amount of time. You’re now wasting precious time, resources and energy reinventing the wheel each and every time you have a custom job. You only work with an existing WordPress platform or even existing templates and make a few tweaks here and there to come up with a new website.

Believe me the website that you come up with doesn’t look like it was created using a cookie cutter or some sort of template. It’s not like you cranked out thousands of these websites using that template. Well, you may have, but the good news is the customer wouldn’t know. That’s right. From the functionality to the obvious looks, these websites look very different from each other. They can often behave very differently from each other.

That’s how awesome WordPress is as a design workhorse because it can create websites that are different enough. This is especially true if you’re dealing with clients who are not all that sophisticated as far as Internet design methodologies are concerned. They’re just looking for a specific solution. They’re just looking for a specific range of website behaviors. That’s all they care about. If you’re able to deliver that, they couldn’t care less about the fact that your designs use WordPress as its platform.

With that said, can you be competitive considering the fact that everybody else seems to be taking this route? Well, you can.

First, switching to WordPress only enables you to deliver the product faster. That’s ‘ big deal.

Second, since you’re not reinventing the wheel, you’re putting in less time into work. You’re focusing whatever precious minutes you have to the actual design of the theme.

Accordingly, you can pass the savings onto the end user. That’s right. Your design firm can produce cheaper designs while commanding a premium. If somebody pushes back regarding your pricing, you can give very significant discounts and still walk away with a profit. How awesome is that? Believe me you can’t do that if you had to custom code everything from scratch.

Another reason why going WordPress only is such a brilliant move is the fact that WordPress is modular. You can cherry-pick the different functionalities using different plug-ins as well as different theme CCS packages for the front end.

The bottom line here is you save a tremendous amount of time and you get a competitive advantage while at the same time producing the customized and personalized experience your customers are looking for. This enables you to systematize customization. In other words, you can create software based on WordPress software to make your job even easier.

The closer you can get to coming up with a brand-new WordPress-based website with a few clicks of a mouse button and a few keyboard strokes, the more money you make. It may seem like you’re only charging peanuts for your work, but if it only required a couple of minutes of your time, you’re still coming out ahead. Your profit margin is actually quite huge if you were to reduce your hourly rate in terms actual minutes of work.

Remember you’re selling your time. Since WordPress helps you save time, you save money and you earn more. WordPress is so amazing because it’s actually quite easy to automate.