Some tips to get rid of anxiety

Some tips to get rid of anxiety


A lot of people struggle with anxiety not because they are suffering from some sort of chemical imbalance. This is a very common media misconception regarding people struggling with anxiety. People are too quick to judge individuals who have this issue. If you’re grappling in any way, shape or form with anxiety, it’s very easy to be painted with a broad brush and essentially, marginalized.

This really is quite tragic because it actually puts people into a path that leads to self destructive behavior. You don’t want to be the abnormal person in the crowd. You don’t want to be the person people point to and say, “he/she is suffering from anxiety issues.” So what do you do? You get high grade medication to knock out the problem.

This is how most Americans deal with the issue and this leads them to even worse outcomes. It’s as if the solution is 10 times worse than the problem. Thankfully, there are other more conducive and more productive ways to deal with anxiety. By “deal with” I mean actually eliminating anxiety.

You don’t hear about these all that much because let’s face it. Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars year after year pumping out hard core chemicals to turn you into a zombie. That’s how they feed the anti anxiety medication craze gripping America.

As you probably already know, this leads nowhere. It destroys people’s lives, it doesn’t really make them any better, at the end of the day, they’re just applying a band aid to a bullet wound. If you don’t want to deal with any of that, here are some tips to get rid of anxiety. These are completely natural and they don’t involve any kind of biochemical compound that will get you hooked.

Tip #1: Practice meditation

When you meditate, all you’re doing is zeroing in on the present moment. You target your focus on what’s happening around you and your perception, emotional state and psychological processes are lined up. This leads to a sense of lightness and interestingly enough, a sense of control.

You’re no longer worried about the past. You’re no longer beating yourself up about what can happen. Instead, you just focus on where you are, there’s nowhere for you to go and there’s nobody for you to become. Really powerful stuff. Try it out today.

Tip #2: Eat healthier

I don’t want to sound like a hardcore vegan, but the more meat you eat, the more stressed out you become. It’s easy to see why. When human beings are scared, they pump all sorts of chemicals through their blood. That’s how we cope with these life or death situations.

The same applies to an animal. Right before it dies, it gets hit with a device or it actually suffers. When it sees that it’s about to die or there’s something to fear, it floods its blood system with all these chemicals that indicate fear, disaster, regret, pain. Whatever the case may be, it’s very negative and guess what happens to the person eating that tissue? This is not rocket science.

So, eat more vegetables. Allow yourself to detox in between meat meals. Maybe spend 7 days between eating meat and you should be okay. A lot of people report being less anxious by simply cutting down on meat. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to become some sort of hard core vegetarian, you don’t have to overdo things. But just by laying of the burgers, hot dogs and bacon strips every once in a while can do you a whole lot of good.

Tip #3: Use aromatic oils

Aromatic oils release a lot of stimuli through your system. When you are getting a deep muscle massage with these oils, your sense of touch and connection are triggered. On top of that, the smell enables you to relax.

Do yourself a big favor. Try aromatic oils. These oils help with anxiety. The secret is to find the right blend that fits your personality as well as personal preferences. Once you’re able to do that, don’t be surprised to discover that the secret to a good nights rest and a sense of contentment and well being takes the form of oils in a nice, small, compact bottle. Who knew?

Do yourself a big favor and get rid of anxiety by using all these all natural techniques. is very big on blogging about alternative health. Check out our blog post here regarding this topic and you’d be surprised to find out that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on pharmaceutical products to take care of your anxiety symptoms.