Best Black Friday Watches – Beginner’s Guide to Buying an Inexpensive Watch

Best Black Friday Watches - Beginner's Guide to Buying an Inexpensive Watch

One thing you will find with timepieces that go for less than $150 is that they are not the best timepiece you will get. There is no doubt that you will be getting what exactly you are paying for on the Ambassador website, however, there is no need to think that it will definitely not be a nice watch.

How to Buy an Inexpensive Watch

One among the many mistakes that men make is that they buy a watch that gives them that cheap appearance. Cheap in the sense that they purchase fake gold, oversized, plastic stone – crusted timepieces. Honestly, there is no possible way you can wear these and still look great. It is best you avoid them like the plague.

Another mistake that men having low budgets but expensive taste make is that they patronize knockoffs. There is every chance that you get away with tricking an average customer to believe that you have the genuine Rolex, but anyone with knowledge on genuine Rolex will not and will never take you seriously. Wearing a knockoff is more like paying your check with monopoly money. Whenever someone notices that you are wearing a knockoff, at that point, you lose your credibility. If you want to be perceived as a serious person, avoid fraudulent watches because they give you that appearance of a joker.

The first step to take when you want to buy a watch within this range during the Black Friday sale is understanding that is acceptable to stick to the basics and play it safe. Place more focus on timepieces with metal bracelets or fabric straps and go into the store expecting to purchase a quartz movement. There is no doubt that anything with a mechanical movement will most definitely be inferior.

There are three places you want to look at when buying the watch:


This is without a doubt a very dangerous place for fine watches, if you are in search of a basic risk, there is no risk at all. When you search Amazon, Craigslist, eBay and other discount sites, you will most definitely find a watch that you would get in the store, but for a fraction of the original price. This is a great place to get low budget timepieces.

Thrift, Goodwill & Pawn Shops

Most times, these are great places to find good deals. You can find watches for a fraction of what they go for in the store, and in most cases, the staff really have no knowledge on horology, so getting an amazing deal is not a problem at all. There is no doubt that opportunities like this may be difficult to find, but they frequently occur.

Department Stores

If perchance you do not have much time to spare and you are in desperate need of a watch on your arm, the local department store is more like the last place to check out. Departmental stores are in the business of selling high-quality watches that the bargain bin stores like Target and Walmart, however, they offer competitive pricing. If you want to locate fashion watches and other watches of great quality, it is best you check out departmental stores.