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Usually, when people visit, they have a serious problem on their hands. They really do. They are not, what you would call, ‘casual’ or even ‘disinterested’ visitors. They’re not looking to explore new information. They’re not driven by curiosity. They don’t feel like they’re out on some sort of information hunting adventure. Instead, they are pushed forward by a very practical task: getting rid of bed bugs.

Make no mistake about it, even though Canada, the United States and many parts of North America are advanced and have very clean habitations, bed bugs are not going to go away. Bed bugs, like cockroaches, are mother nature’s survivor machines. They can survive in any kind of environmental situation.

In fact, a lot of people have actively theorized and shared their opinion that if you dropped a nuclear device on Los Angeles or any major American city, most life will be vaporized. Most people will not make it. Dogs, cats, mammals, advanced life forms are just simply going to go away. That’s just how devastating, crushing and catastrophic a nuclear strike can be.

Now, with that said, there is one life form that will make it through the ruins. I’m not talking about people just speculating over a cup of coffee. This stuff really pans out. There have been tests on this. There have been scientific papers released on this, and guess what? Bed bugs and cockroaches will make it through almost all natural and unnatural disasters.

Yes, I’m talking about atomic bombs or even hydrogen bombs being dropped on an island with cockroaches crawling from the ruins, probably wondering what happened. That’s how hardy these insects are.

And it’s not a surprise that when people think about cockroaches and bed bugs, they feel sick. They feel repulsed. They feel disgusted. This is why you need to go beyond your repulsion and check out to read up on bed bugs.

Because if you look at them from the survival perspective, you can’t help but be impressed. Seriously. If mother nature were to engineer an organ that pretty much can take all the punches that humanity can throw at it, it is the bed bug.

And guess what? It will continue to suck blood. It will continue to irritate. It will continue to spread disease. It will continue to trigger all sorts of nasty and repulsive allergic reactions and go its merry way.

I know you hate bed bugs, and so do I, at some level. But believe me, there’s just something almost magical with its ability to survive anything we throw at it. You might even be tempted to throw the kitchen sink at it, but believe me, it will probably pick its teeth, laugh at you, and keep flexing its muscles. You have to respect that.

Thankfully, services like has made it child’s play to nuke and destroy bed bugs. They are the premiere global authority in bed bug elimination. That’s how tight their game is. They really know what they’re doing.