What is So Special about WordPress Anyway?

I know that this is kind of a shocking question to ask especially on a website dedicated to everything related to WordPress theme design. You might be thinking that this question is so basic and so preliminary that it doesn’t really merit asking.

Well, we firmly believe that whenever you’re doing something, don’t assume that what you’re doing is absolutely correct because the moment you assume something, things fall between the cracks. There are certain details that you become blind to. These details might make all the difference in the world as far as the effectiveness, efficiency and even quality of the work you’re trying to do.

Never hesitate to question or ask basic principles, and one of the most fundamental principles when it comes to WordPress design involves issues of its uniqueness. What’s so special about it? What does it truly bring to the table? How can we analyze it in a way that we can truly unlock its fullest potential?

If you’re still unsure as to why there are so many people excited about WordPress, here are just five reasons why this simple, open-source content management system has taken the world by storm.

It is Open Source

The moment you see the phrase “open source” is the moment you realize that it’s absolutely free. WordPress is open source. This enables it to be distributed 100% free all over the world. Hosting companies have set up default systems where you just need to click a button and enter a few keystrokes and you have yourself a WordPress installation. It’s a 100% fully functional WordPress installation and all you did was invest a few minutes of your time. None of this would be possible if WordPress was not open source.

Furthermore, we marvel at the tremendous amount of customization creative minds all over the world come up with when it comes to a typical WordPress installation. Again, you can thank its open-source nature for this. By being able to look into the guts of the software, programmers from all over the world come up with their own tweaks and customizations that enable their WordPress installed to live up to its fullest potential.

Massive Install Base

Since WordPress is free and relatively easy to use, it has spread like wildfire all over the world. As long as people can understand its download and installation instructions, people can use it. This is why WordPress is the runaway blog platform of choice for people all over the world. You don’t have to read or write English. WordPress is the platform for you because it has a local language version. That’s how awesome WordPress is and this has created a massive install base that not only promotes the platform but acts as a quality control community.

Massive Debug Community

As you probably already know, if you’ve dealt with any kind of software in the past, software and bugs do tend to go hand in hand. There is no such thing as a perfect piece of software. Eventually, something gets knocked loose and the software starts behaving in a weird way. Online software like WordPress is not immune to such problems.

What does make WordPress stand head and shoulders apart from its competitors is the fact that it has millions upon millions of installations all over the planet. If there is a problem with the latest version of WordPress, you can bet that community members would know. Since this community talks with each other, you can also bet that the people behind WordPress would be quick to issue an update to patch up whatever weakness, vulnerability or design flaw leaked out in an earlier release. This is the most obvious benefit of having a massive community of installed users.

Shared Customizations and Tweaks

WordPress.org is the online hub of everything and anything WordPress. Not surprisingly, everyone who came up with their own theme, their own functionality, their own plug-in, their own tweak share that material on WordPress.org. This is why WordPress is so popular because you don’t have to search all over the Internet or slave long hours to come up with a custom feature. Chances are somebody had the some idea as you and came up with a prototype. You can find that prototype online, tweak it a little, customize it and install on your website. Quick and easy, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

De Facto CMS Standard

Since WordPress is so ubiquitous and so prevalent, it has become the de facto content management system standard. Whether you are looking to put a simple personal blog or you are looking to come up with an e-commerce website with all sorts of bells and whistles, WordPress works for a great workhorse. It lays a solid foundation which saves you a tremendous amount of time as far as functionality and other customizations.

These five reasons explain why WordPress is so special and so crucial. It’s popular due to these reasons. It is a massive success and you are definitely on the track if you have installed it for your business or for your own personal purposes.